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Ottawa, Ontario K1B3W5

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Gervais Towing and Recovery has a lasting legacy and proud history in the Ottawa area. When Earl Gervais Sr started Gervais Motors Limited in 1934 he delivered groceries and flowers. He then expanded the operation into automotive service when he purchased the garage on Parkdale Ave. In 1941. He purchased a dump truck and remodeled it into a tow truck. This one truck soon grew into a fleet and he started taking on Ottawa towing contracts. One of those contracts was won in 1946 when the chief of police asked Mr. Gervais to manage all the towing for the Ottawa Police. This was a verbal contract and stood for over 40 years. Gervais Motors was the first towing company in Ottawa to have the police contract. Over 78 years later, we are still under contract with Ottawa Police Services.

Earl Gervais Sr was killed in 1961, while towing a truck on highway 17. He was talking to a police officer on the side of the road when a drunk driver rear ended the police cruiser. He died instantly. His son Ken Gervais was with him at the time and suffered back injuries that still plague him to this day. At that time Ken, his brother George, sister Doris and mother Sarah worked in the family business. They ran the business together until in 1970 when Ken purchased all the shares from his family. He had worked in the business all his life doing everything from pumping gas, bodywork and towing. He then started to expand the business even further by branching out into Gervais Auto Body.

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