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About Us


The Ontario Recovery Group was established 1981 by a group of individual professionals engaged in the Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery Industry. The mission of the group was to develop and promote professional standards and enhance the image of the industry.

In the fall of 1988 the Ontario Recovery Group became incorporated and hence ORG Inc was formed. The ORG currently enjoys a very strong membership of professionals throughout the province of Ontario, despite the rigid standards of membership. In pursuing a membership in ORG, every member is screened by the membership committee prior to gaining admission. All members must strictly adhere to a code of ethics and deal with all customers with honesty and integrity.

Quarterly meetings are held throughout the province and it is considered a requirement to attend and contribute to all meetings. A variety of speakers from law enforcement, to government agencies and industry professionals attend many of the meetings and add to the education of all members.

With the trucking industry expanding and regulations getting much more complicated, the heavy duty towing and recovery industry is also getting much more complex than ever before. The size, weight, and length limits of trucks, in addition to the transportation of hazardous materials regulations and other regulations have called for higher standards of equipment, insurance and performance and quality training. Education and communications with all levels of the industry and government has become a top priority with the ORG and it’s members.

With the evolution of new transportation regulations, many of the government agencies also require accurate information of the towing and recovery industry and ORG has risen to the challenge of assisting those who require assistance and information. Governments require a body to express their concerns too, as did the industry as a whole need a united voice. To this end, ORG Inc. became the voice of the Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery Industry and developed the industry standards of Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery in Ontario. The ORG is well known to those in government and law enforcement.

It is the pledge of all members of ORG Inc. to deal with all customers and colleagues in a professional and straightforward manner with honesty and integrity.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ontario Recovery Group (ORG Inc.) is to promote the professional development and standards regarding all aspects of the Heavy Towing and Recovery Industry. All members are encouraged to let the following points be their guide.

  • The Ontario Recovery Group members shall promote harmony and companionship among its members and competitors.
  • The Ontario Recovery Group shall provide its members with a means of exchanging ideas and information with respect to the towing and recovery industry.
  • The Ontario Recovery Group shall encourage the development of a professional approach and positive attitude in all phases of the towing and recovery industry.
  • The Ontario Recovery Group shall sponsor, sanction and promote training courses that will benefit all members of the industry.
  • The Ontario Recovery Group shall develop and promote acceptable standards of equipment, facilities, drivers, training and conduct.
  • The Ontario Recovery Group shall develop and promote methods of regulation of the standards for the industry.
  • The Ontario Recovery Group shall provide all levels of government and law enforcement with a means of communication to the towing and recovery industry

In this regard, it is our pledge to sustain friendly, straightforward and honest relations with our customers; productive, respectful and supportive relations with our employees; and wholesome and contributory relations within the community wherein we reside.