It’s All About TRAINING

The towing industry is undergoing many changes these days and it is having an effect on all staff including drivers. In an effort to help get drivers into the seats of tow trucks quicker we have now developed a basic light duty tow truck driver on-line training program in cooperation with Canada’s most advanced training providers DRIVEWISE.

All students will require an experienced mentor to ensure compliance with the rules of engagement and at least two weeks in a light duty tow truck assisting and learning the processes prior to gaining access to the training program.

Students can register from anywhere they have internet and learn the basics of the tow truck driver occupation. This program is designed to be more cost effective and provides drivers to learn at a pace comfortable to the student and employer.

The cost is very manageable at $195.00 per student and we are offering a rebate to CTA and ORG members of $40.00 bringing the price down to $155.00

Successful students will receive a wallet card and certificate.

To get more information click on the following link,

Our French language version is coming soon.


Remember Training doesn’t Cost it Pays